Navigation Pointe is a management consulting firm founded in 2014 to provide advisory services to corporations, venture capital firms, private equity firms, and governmental/non-governmental organizations with guidance on strategic decisions regarding the emerging technologies industry.


We support venture capital firms advancing early-stage companies in the Technology, Media and Entertainment converged ecosystem.  We develop promising companies and their founding entrepreneurs through, management guidance, and industry promotion as well as potential Series A capital investment to drive growth for the companies and exceptional returns for investors.


Connections, partnerships, collaborations, commitments, agreements, relationships: These are the strengths Navigation Pointe brings to our work for entrepreneurs, executives, companies, boards, and governments.  We focus on companies seeking new growth in the Tech-Media arena.  We work with local and global firms, accelerators, and universities to nurture the most promising opportunities as well as established brands seeking strategic guidance to exploit market turbulence.

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