Advisory Services

Navigation Pointe works very closely with our clients to provide guidance, support, expertise and industry connections while
supporting the initial vision of the firm. We understand how to build companies from our own experience and bring expertise
to drive data-proven results. We leverage our extensive industry connections to accelerate growth opportunities, increase
revenues and create new markets. We provide guidance from seasoned executives in the media, entertainment, software,
technology, and telecommunications sectors, who have helped shaped their respective industries. Navigation Pointe’s
Business Acceleration Model provides strategic and operational performance enhancement, allowing the company to reach full
marketplace potential. 

Business Services

  • Corporate strategy
  • Political strategy

We allow you to lease brainpower that focuses exclusively on your strategic initiative while you maintain your current role and
attend to your other obligations. We provide intelligence on demand giving you think tank resources to outsource assessment for a problem/issue/need that may not be your core competency. Realizing the initiative may not be well-defined, we offer extreme flexibility and stepped phase contractual arrangements that adjusts. We know your understanding grows with project progression as we share more guidance, and this may affect your directional desires. Our concierge-level service for strategic initiatives may be cancelled without penalty and allows you to receive a refund on any hours not used.

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  • Off-site Events
  • Brainstorming
  • Development
  • Co-positions
  • ¬†Temporary needs/projects
  • Unexpected vacancy coverage
  • Urgent replacement needs
  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Advisors
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  • Advisement on policy decisions and societal planning by
    • ¬†Governmental officials and agencies
    • Elected officials
    • Country leaders

General Services

  • Corporate events
  • Conferences
  • Panels
  • Universities
  • Counsel guidance, advisement, and edification
  • Patent protection
  • Shareholder concerns
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  • ¬†Board of Director Members
  • Governments
  • Politicians
  • Non-governmental Organizations

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