Navigation Pointe Managing Partner


John Blevins (J.B.)

John Blevins (J.B.) is the founder and Managing Partner of Navigation Pointe responsible for leading client organizations to improved revenue and impact.  He is a noted technology strategist who specializes in developing business opportunities to take advantage of emerging technologies and their marketplace applications.  Working with corporations, governments, and academic institutions, he creates digital transformation plans which allow traditional enterprises to compete in our digitalized business environment. He has expertise in strategy development, business-technology alignment, framework creation, venture capital investment decisions, and new business model creation.  Mr. Blevins works with venture capital portfolio firms to develops digital asset monetization strategies for rapid growth and market expansion.

Mr. Blevins speaks at academic and industry events covering technology-driven market changes, technology management leadership, and other topics. He has provided expertise to over 300 clients in the technology, telecommunications, media/entertainment, healthcare, financial services, energy, aerospace, public sector, manufacturing, and automotive industries. His work experience includes Deloitte Consulting, Microsoft, Oracle, and Shell Oil based in Houston, Dallas, New York, Miami, London and Los Angeles where he held a variety of technology and management roles.

Mr. Blevins is an Adjunct Professor teaching business management courses in the MBA programs at UCLA Anderson in Los Angeles and Cornell Tech in New York.  He is the Faculty Director for UCLA Anderson’s Executive MBA Field Study Capstone Project for both the domestic and global programs.  Professor Blevins is the former Faculty Director for UCLA Anderson’s Easton Technology Management Center as well as a current member of its course faculty and leadership organization.

Mr. Blevins has an Engineering degree with heavy concentration in Speech Communications from the University of Alabama, as well as a Masters of Business Administration in International Management from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.



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